De-Risking Your Change Initiative

by Stephen Warrilow
(Bristol, UK)

My name is Stephen Warrilow. I'm based in Bristol, and I work with companies across the UK providing specialist support for directors delivering significant change initiatives.

I have 25 years cross-sector experience with 100 + companies as an independent resource to directors and senior management in corporate, mid range corporate, SME and OMB environments.

I can de-risk your initiative by making sure that you anticipate and resolve the issues that derail so many initiatives and lead to that 70% failure rate.

I provide specialist support specifically for:

  • Programme directors of established programmes

  • Divisional directors of corporates

  • Directors of mid-range corporates

Specialist support that:

  • Focuses on the areas outside of the scope of traditional programme and change management methodologies

  • Gets "under the radar", "behind the lines" - and does "whatever it takes" to ensure that you DO succeed and DON'T become part of the 70% of failures:

    # Before you have an issue - to anticipate it

    # When you have an issue - to neutralise and resolve it

    # After you’ve had an issue - to ensure it doesn’t happen again

How I can add value to your change initiative

  • Define and create a programme to deliver your change initiative and the benefits

  • Address key areas outside of the scope of MSP, PRINCE and other traditional tools

  • Manage the politics and act as “guardian of your best interests”

  • Test your programme’s impacts on all key stakeholders - and remove resistance

  • Risk assess your programme and implement what has to be done to avoid failure

  • Ensure buy-in and motivation to change management requirements

  • Manage complex interfaces and relationships with key stakeholders and contractors

  • Identify and resolve the cultural gaps and issues - the hidden source of all resistance

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