The Change Samurai

by David Williams

David is a Senior Manager for a global consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia. He is an Accredited Change Practitioner, Certified Behavioural Coach, Master in the Taoist martial art 'I Chuan', a Mind Chi Practitioner and Change Samurai!

Samurai were the most feared and respected warriors of their day. Rising to power in 12th century Japan and remaining there until 1868. The word samurai means 'to serve'. The Samurai lived by a very strict code of values later to be known as Bushido, translated as 'the way of the warrior'. This code emphasised bravery, honour and personal loyalty.

To be a 'Change Samurai' is to embrace change as a way of life. Not to enforce change for the sake of change, but rather, to champion change as a positive force to take action in the small things that defines the root of the result in the big things, whether it be at personal or corporate level.

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