Genpo Roshi - "Big Mind"

Zen and Voice Dialogue Therapy

Genpo Roshi has created a powerful but simple process called "Big Mind" for accessing those "hard to reach" parts of ourselves.

This is important because on the journey to authenticity that Daniel Goleman refers to, there are a number of roadblocks.

The first of which we have already looked at with Eckart Tolle - namely learning how to turn our minds off at will and stopping the endless stream and noise of our thoughts.

The second big roadblock to authenticity and the Tao of change is that there are many aspects of ourselves that we are either unaware of, or only partially aware of, and in both instances that we have great difficulty in accessing.

“Until you make conscious that which is unconscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

[Carl Jung]

This applies as much to the "shadow" aspects of ourselves as it does to the "transcendent" aspects of ourselves.

As noted above, achieving a balanced brain via traditional meditation techniques takes a very long time.

Those who choose to follow the traditional Zen path will spend extensive periods of time in "zazen" - sitting meditation - to train their minds to stop thinking and quieten down.

They will also engage in the study and contemplation of "koans" or riddles [normally in the form of a sentence or short story] designed to challenge the practitioner.

Koans cannot be resolved via logic or "left brain" thought processes and their sole purpose is to drive the practitioner- in a sense quite literally - "out of their mind" and into a place of realisation.

"Big Mind" [founded by American Zen Master Dennis Merzel aka Genpo Roshi] represents a major breakthrough in the development of a simple powerful process and practise for accessing these "hard to reach" parts of ourselves.

He took the insights of traditional Zen practise and combined with central discoveries of western psychology - especially Voice Dialogue therapy [Hal & Sidra Stone] and subpersonalities to create the "Big Mind" process.

See here for full details on the process and the book Genpo Roshi: Big Mind - Big Heart - Finding your way

As with everything I am recommending in this section, I use Genpo Roshi's process regularly and find it very simple and very powerful in finding my way to the Tao of change in a very personal sense.

And as with all of this stuff, there is no requirement to "sign up" to anything or anyone, it doesn't matter what you do or don't believe about this process, or in deed about anything else.

However, as with each recommendation discussed here, this process is generic, powerful and personally transformative.

When I use the word "generic" in this context, I mean a process or perspective that is non-belief based and that is universally true - however it is expressed.

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