Michael Brown

"The Presence Process"

Michael Brown's - "The Presence Process" - fully outlined in The Presence Process follows on from Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" and addresses the fourth major roadblock to implementing these steps to authenticity and the Tao of change, namely the deep seated emotional and physical blockages that many of us carry.

Brown’s process involves ten weeks of connected breathing, supportive text, and increased awareness of our emotional responses triggered by current events that are reflections of our past traumas.

By engaging in the process, one can gain awareness of when one is reacting to situations out of perceived fear, anger, or grief. One then learns how to respond to events rationally and positively.

One also learns how to identify the root causes of fear, anger, and grief and to integrate those feelings so they no longer have the ability to control our behavior.

Present moment awareness - a state of being

As with Eckhart Tolle's work, it is very easy to dismiss all this as "new age mumbo jumbo"! Or to speed-read through the material and conclude "yeah OK I've got it".

With the deepest of respect - you almost certainly haven't "got it". How do I know? Quite simply I did that too - and later came to realise that I didn't "know" it at all.

This stuff has to be experienced. Present moment awareness is a state of being as opposed to something we do or merely grasp intellectually.

There is a big emphasis on healing the inner child. Brown demonstrates that unresolved trauma [and that doesn't have to mean physical or sexual or any other extreme abuse] experienced as a child, and held within our emotional body in an energy form, is a major determinant of recurring patterns in adult behaviour.

Yes my initial reaction was probably the same as yours... but to my astonishment, I have discovered that he has point - and a powerful one - that does a have a direct impact on one's approach to the Tao of change.

I have not undertaken all aspects of his process as laid out in the book - but I have done major elements of it and found it to be very powerful in identifying and clearing previously unidentified "emotional baggage".

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