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Self improvement ideas for managing personal change

self improvement advice,self improvement ideas,managing personal changeWe are focusing here on self improvement advice in the overall context of the theme of this site which is change management. In this section of the site we are specifically considering self improvement ideas for managing personal change.

In one sense, the majority of visitors to this site who are looking for information, resources and advice on organisational change management are seeking self improvement advice - and all of this can be accessed via any of the following links:

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However, if you are looking for self improvement advice for managing personal change, you will find extensive resources on this page that will:

  • Provide cognitive insight - to inform you and educate you

  • Provide transformational tools and processes - to change you

The links below are grouped together in broad categories. Within these pages, where relevant, you will find links to other pages on this site, and also good quality third party resources.

As indicated above, there are two aspects to managing personal change, firstly becoming informed and secondly taking action. In addition to extensive informational resources, you will find links below to excellent transformational resources - all of which I have used (or still use) myself. Many of these resources are free, and some are good-value paid-for products and services.

Personal Change

self improvement advice,self improvement ideas,managing personal changeWe can be taught but we still won't change

Most of us make the mistake of assuming that self improvement advice and personal change is all skills based and can be taught.

Whilst it is true that we can become informed about it and learn, generally we won't change.

We can't change because of our unconscious inner resistance - the hidden beliefs and self talk that cause us to not keep New Year resolutions, to fail with diets, to not stop smoking etc.

Managing personal change starts with a clear understanding of what our unconscious resistance really is.

Managing Personal Change

Self Improvement Resources

Dealing With Self Talk

NLP For Peak Performance

Guy Finley: Life of Learning Foundation

Higher Awareness: Personal Development Programmes

William Bridges: Navigating The Transitions of Change

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: Mapping the Impacts of Change

Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Thich Nhat Hanh

Brainwave Entrainment

Meditation Programme: No More Boredom + No More Years Of Training!

Relaxation + Meditation Music + Guided Meditations

Personality types and thinking styles

self improvement advice,self improvement ideas,managing personal change There are many different personality types and thinkings styles and several mainstream and well regarded models and assessment tools and these are a good basis for sound self improvement advice.

These asssessment tools are useful in helping us to understand:

  • Why we do what we do - what drives us

  • How we are different and motivated by different things

  • How our thinking styles are very different

Personality Quiz

Myers Briggs Type Indicators

Katherine Benziger - Thinking Styles Assessment

Enneagram of Personality Types

Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligence

George Kelly: Personal Construct Psychology

Conscious Competence - Stages Of Learning

Emotional Intelligence - Self awareness in the emotional dimension

Personal motivation

self improvement advice,self improvement ideas,managing personal change A good starting point for self improvement advice is to consider why it is that we feel the need for self motivation tips?

If we decide to do something, why don't we just do it?

If we can figure out what it is that's stopping us and deal directly with that then we won't need self motivation tips...

Another useful perspective is to differentiate between the two levels of self motivation: the day to day, self-motivation that we need to achieve routine activities; and, secondly what I call the "big picture level motivation" that we need to get us through situations of significant imposed change - situations that have large and perhaps dramatic impacts on our life.

My own experience has shown that simply focusing on what I call "task level" motivation is, in effect, like putting a sticking on a broken leg, whereas if we deal with the "big picture level" motivation we automatically address the day-to-day task level motivation.

Immunity to Change

Self Motivation

Self Motivation Tips

Motivational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Psychology of motivation

self improvement advice,self improvement ideas,managing personal changeMotivation is the activation of goal-oriented behaviour

Enough focused action will in turn lead eventually to the successful achievement of a goal.

Understanding the psychology, motivation and drivers that underlie our differing types of motivation is foundational to good self improvement advice, and an essential aspect of managing personal change.

Define Motivation - Understanding the inner drivers

Motivation Theories - Getting people to take action

Maslow's hierarchy of needs - A paradigm shift

ERG Theory - Practical application to leading change

Herzberg Motivation Theory - Satisfied and motivated

Acquired Needs Theory - Goal seeking achievers

Process theories of motivation - Personal needs drive behaviour

Employee motivation techniques - How to achieve peak performance

Inspirational motivation - How to inspire your people in tough times

Further Resources

The Tao of Change

Noetic Sciences

Nic Askew - Soul Biographies

Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

Genpo Roshi - "Big Mind"

Michael Brown - "The Presence Process"

Robert Scheinfeld - Busting Loose

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