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Unsolicited comments from current subscribers

[I have not given full names as these are extracts from personal emails to me.]

"Good stuff!! I stayed up until 2 this morning after teaching last night, to read all of the materials. Good job!"


"Thank you so much for the information I have got from you…"

Thank you

"You have been a great blessing since I ventured on the internet to search for change management information and found your website. The materials you sent me have been unique and transforming… "


"Thanks ever so very much for this. I am really glad to be in touch with you. I am learning so much from your materials."


"Thanks for the open communication.

I actually think that we all feel disconnected and that there must be a better way of doing this than "every man for himself". Don't ask me what the answer is but I have been thinking about what you wrote over the past few hours.

All the best Stephen and let me know if I can assist with this project in any way."


"I really thank you for all that you do."


"I haven't responded before although I have meant to... Thanks for your very insightful emails, keep them coming."


"Thank's for this email. These kinds of articles helps me so much, because I can not buy books."

Best wishes

"Thanks Stephen, your information helps me a lot."


"Well, you have a good point with the communication. I especially like the articles on dialogue, my group did a lot of training and consulting in Dialogue in the past 5 years and it was very successful...

Anyway....a few comments to you from one of your appreciative recipients..."

Best regards

What people are saying about Practitioners Masterclass

“The 'Practitioners Masterclass' provides a framework for organisations seeking to lead their people successfully through change.

The document provided a useful analysis of change management across a range of dimensions and a range of models. The content of the book was excellent… there is a richness of content that is seldom brought together in such an integrated way.

The book illuminates why the majority of change initiates fail, providing a clear guide for improving the likelihood of success.

The composite change model developed by Warrilow provides a contemporary meta-map for managing change successfully utilising some of the 'key' change models and approaches developed over the past 30 years.

I found the content first rate and intend to use the approach when planning change initiatives.”

Alan Geraghty, Change Practice Manager, Starfish Consulting, New Zealand

"Insightful and meaningful. Allowed me to see what was negative about the last change and why it was only partially successful...

...provided additional tools to improve the outcome in future changes.

Identified the need to really focus on the people that are impacted, to acknowledge and understand their feelings in order for them to buy in to the changes and move as quickly through the change and transition as possible."

V.B. Regional Account Manager, Sports Goods

"Many thanks for this latest version of the Practitioner's Masterclass. I have read the previous version and must say that I am enthusiastic. The alignment of MSP and ADKAR within a single model is something that has been of interest to me for some time.

When I first did a web search and came across your site it was good to think that someone the other side of the planet was also having the same thought process.

Your book has filled a void for me in the change management space."

David Williams , Strategic Change Advisor, Australia.

"I found this document to be extremely useful as my organization is currently implementing a new initiative and this provides the critical components to support change.

I found this to be a comprehensive overview on change management. I especially appreciated the executive summary overview of change models and methods.

The section on Task Level Implementation is a jewel in identifying the steps for an implementation process.

This is a MUST HAVE resource for anybody or organization that is considering introducing change. Stephen, thank you for creating this valuable resource!"

S.D. Policy Research Analyst, Provincial Government - Children & Youth Services

"Very Good... thorough... action oriented.

Good historical perspective - establishes baseline... moving forward - an amalgamation of prior thought leadership works into a project based format.

Pragmatic and practical"

D.B. Managing Director, Management Consultancy

"An excellent single source document for those managing change.

The list of strategic questions is excellent it provides a roadmap.

I like how you've taken the best of each of the major change management models and come up with your own process that helps each level understand their role in the change.

Program management - the heart of the thing - how to take the principles and put them into action. You've done a great job of that."

M.B. President, Media Consultancy

"Excellent. Very comprehensive.

I thought it was very thorough. It addressed all aspects of managing change and provided a way to measure change background capability or competency within an organization.

I found helpful the reference to William Bridges' distinction between going through a change and going through a transition. I believe employees are still treated like machines in the workplace. We were always told to leave our emotions at home.

It scares me to think that some wild cowboy might read this ebook and think that he or she can successfully manage a step change.

This ebook emphasized the intricacies of successfully managing change."

Sheila DuBrow, CEO, Getting back to Self, Organizational Psychology Consulting

"Practitioners' Masterclass is very comprehensive and does provide the reader with fantastic insight into the depth that is required for successful change management.

It is truly very comprehensive and provides tremendous insight into the depth of discipline and effort required to bring in change in an organisation.

People are the most important resource in any business.

It will be their skill and knowledge in leading, implementing and embracing change that will provide the best platform for successful change management. Practitioners' Masterclassprovides that foundation for learning.

Libby Marshall, CEO Adlib Management

"...used language and presented concepts in a manner that was simple to understand and apply.

“Practitioners’ Masterclass” effectively brings together leading thinking on change, leadership and the important attributes to consider when undertaking organizational change.

It provides valuable insight and practical guidance on considerations required when planning and executing change initiatives as well as suggested resources to allow follow-up on particular areas of interest.

Leila Greenfield, Partner, GreenBlox - Organisational Psychology

Comments from people who have worked with me

"Working with Stephen and exchanging ideas and information was enriching. Stephen is highly ethical and passionate about his field of expertise... and with his focus on people rather than processes he has established himself as a trusted advisor to many and an expert in his industry. "

Linky Van Der Merwe, Sr Project Manager (PMP)| Consultant

"Stephen is a Change Management professional. He is dedicated to helping organisations to initiate the right change and make it stick. Stephen is living his passion, which is obvious from all professional output."

David Frood, Author: "The Thinking Corporation"

"My endorsement of Stephen Warrilow is a little like a student endorsing their teacher. I came into contact with Stephen via his Change Management Practitioners Masterclass Programme. Stephen certainly gained my respect at that time as I found this Programme to be an excellent resource for today's change management practitioner."

Ann Divers, Change Management Specialist

"After being thoroughly impressed with the quality of the material on Stephen's overwhelmingly comprehensive Change Management Informational website I was equally so impressed when I met with him for a 121 strategy session. Stephen works quickly, energetically and intuitively based on his deep and focused experience coupled with his inherent drive to design solutions that best fit his clients needs. He is a skilled and knowledgable professional and most refreshingly, Stephen - Walks his Talk!"

Angela Lewis, Business - Design and Management

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