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  • "An excellent single source document for those managing change"

  • "A richness of content that is seldom brought together in such an integrated way"

  • Breaks new ground

  • Simple actionable steps for rapid results

Test the value and relevence of the content and advice for free

  • 8 short lessons taken directly from the Practitioners Masterclass.

  • Tailored for speed and ease of reading in email format.

  • An overview of key themes and important aspects of leading and managing change and putting it all together.

  • Each lesson is approximately 300 words.

  • This is designed as a "taster" and brief introduction to the material in the Practitioners Masterclass and is not intended as an in depth tutorial. (For that you will need to purchase the Practitioners Masterclass.)

Here are the subjects:

Lesson 1. Overview

Lesson 2. Introduction

Lesson 3. Leadership

Lesson 4. Strategic Planning & Cultural Analysis

Lesson 5. Change Models & Methods

Lesson 6. The Programme Based Change Model

Lesson 7. Task Level Implementation

Lesson 8. Quick Guide – Summary Points

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