Change Management Is All About People - And Processes That Work For People


Successful change management starts with a clear understanding of two things:

[1] The need for change

[2] The capability to change

It provides the tools and resources for success.

It focuses as much on the people-side as it does on the business-side.

A successful change initiative requires leadership as well as management!

This site provides all the resources you need to deal with all of this.

"This is an excellent reference for anyone involved in change management"
- Mike Pollard, Business Analyst, Business Improvement Unit, Information & Communication Services, University of Dundee


Processes That Work For People

A successful change management initiative starts with a vision.

It involves taking an organization from Position A to Position B to realise that vision.

But it also involves bringing your people with you.

So it is about process - but it's also about people.

The philosophy of this site is about "processes that work for people"!

"Loved the preview to the Practitioners Master Class; fabulous work you are doing, wonderful approach and really resonate with your attention to the human side of change… Many thanks for the gifts of interesting articles you share."
- Warm regards, Emma


Personal Change

The goal of this website is very simple. It is to give you very specific strategies for managing change and leading people through change.

This means showing you how to put it all together - and manage the whole messy business.

But a big part of change is you!

  • Many of the things that happen in your life are random and beyond your control.
  • But, the one thing you can control is how you choose to respond to these events - and it is a choice.
  • The long term impact of these choices can have a major effect on your health, wealth and happiness.

    The Law Of Response And Outcome

    The outcomes that you experience are determined by your responses to the events in your life.

    This can be expressed as:

    Outcome = Event x Response

    The strength and quality of your response is determined by the skills and the experience you bring to it, and that is based on knowing how to think effectively.

    The stronger your response - the better the outcome.

For this reason we also focus on managing personal change - and we provide you with the practical resources to do this via our supporting site:

Zen Tools - For Tough Times

All pages on this site relating to personal change are now seamlessly and automatically transferred to this site.

"Practitioners' Masterclass provides an excellent roadmap for leaders who want to undertake change initiatives. It provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the many challenges and practical strategies to effectively implement a change initiative."
- Ellis Katsof, Executive Director, Niagara Child and Youth Services


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    " "Stephen is a very dedicated, reliable and intelligent leader in his field. It has been my honor to work with Stephen and exchange thoughts frequently. I can only recommend Stephen, his articles and his work... he is a distinguished leader within the industry that keeps developing new ideas and keeps evolving within an ever changing industry" "
    - Dr. Christoph Lymbersky, MBA, MAcc, BOND University Ltd



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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management