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How can these self improvement resources help me?

self improvement resources,managing personal change,change management,change managers,change management training Personal change is difficult and the self improvement resources that are featured here will help you deal with these challenges.

The unfortunate reality is that the scale and rate of change impacting organisations is faster than their leaders can cope with it - a point well noted by business thought leader John Kotter.

As individuals we are also impacted heavily by the pace and scale and pace of this organisational change. Our most resourceful response to this is to be flexible and able to adapt.

Our capacity to do this is considerably enhanced if we have the resources to help us.

How can we overcome our own personal "immunity to change" or inner resistance?

Most approaches to personal change are grounded in the idea that that it is skills based and that we can be taught to change.

We may be taught, but we won't change.

The reason we can't change is because of our inner resistance or "immunity to change".

self improvement resources,managing personal change,change management,change managers,change management trainingWe need help in overcoming our own personal "knowing-doing" gap.

The resources featured here have been selected to help you identify your own personal "knowing doing" gap, and to deal with your personal "immunity to change".

The baby and the bathwater

  • To be blunt, there is such a lot of rubbish and hype generated over self improvement resources that I very nearly didn't post these pages.

  • However, on reflection, I decided this really would be a case of "throwing the baby out with the bath water".

  • There are some very good resources that do address this issue.

  • I have used some of these approaches myself and can attest to their effectiveness.

  • There is a separate page for each resource together with an overview of my personal experience.


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