Stephen Warrilow - Change Management Specialist

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

    Could you benefit from:

    • Diagnosis - of root cause issues?

    • Development - via exec support, mentoring or training?

    • Delivery - to ensure that you realise the business benefit?

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

    About me
    I have 25 years cross-sector experience with 100 + companies as an independent resource providing specialist support for directors and senior managers delivering large projects and programmes with a significant change element. I have multi-disciplinary functional experience in the following areas: 
      • Programme management – support & recovery
      • Organisational change & development
      • Change management
      • Troubleshooting & business risk assessment
      • Business process engineering & design
      • I.T. impact assessment
      • Market / Customer / Competitor analysis
      • Direct marketing
      • Sales management & training (B2B)
      • Business consultancy & strategy review
      • Business development (B2B)
      I provide specialist support specifically that:
      • Focuses on the areas outside of the scope of traditional programme and change management methodologies
      • Gets "under the radar", "behind the lines" - and does "whatever it takes" to ensure that you DO succeed and DON'T become part of the 70% of failures.
      I also run this informational website - specifically created for and targeted at:

      • The non-expert director of an organisation (or division or subsidiary of a corporate) with 200 – 2000 employees.
      • The director who is considering or implementing a step change i.e. change that is more than incremental change and that can not be handled within the scope of "business as usual".

      Having spent over 25 years observing closely what works and what doesn't I came to realise that:

      The single biggest reason for the astonishingly high 70% failure rate of all significant change initiatives has been the over-emphasis on process rather than people:

      • The failure to take full account of the impact of change on those people who are most impacted by it

      • The failure to recognise that organisational change is inextricably intertwined with personal change

      • First and foremost - a failure of leadership

      It was this realisation that led to the creation of the
      Practitioners Masterclass training materials via this site,
      and corporate training via The Human Side of Change

      I am now based in Singapore heading up the change management practise at Antony Consulting Pte Ltd focusing on the S.E.Asia region.

      practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

      You will find a comprehensive details, references and recommendations about me together with full contact details at LinkedIn.

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