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Practical Approaches to Managing Change

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There are many change management methodologies, and they all have various strengths and weaknesses.

Based on my own experience, it is my belief that the broad principles of programme management can be set out in a simple model and using simple language that can be applied to change management methodologies within any organisation of any size.

The role and position of project management

Project management delivers the capability that in turn willl deliver and realise an intended business benefit.

Programme management

Programme management takes a wider and more comprehensive perspective of the bigger picture, and a programme will include many different projects, each delivering the capabilities that will be needed in order to realise the full benefit potential of the change initiative.

Within the programme management process, project management is covered in the section The programme plan and project portfolio - see further down this page.

However, for readers who just want to look at project management - here are the direct links to that section:

What is Project management?

Project management principles - 10 ways to make a project fail

Project management methodologies - 8 ways to succeed

Project management skills - 8 key factors

Project management maturity model

The programme based approach

The model that I am outlining here is particularly suited to organisations in the 200 - 2,000 employee range who have little or no prior knowledge, insight or experience of programme management.

However, it is important to emphasise that any organisation of any size or description, in any sector and in any geographic location in the world will benefit from a basic understanding and application of programme based change management methodologies because at root we are asking and addressing these simple questions:

    (1) How am I going to do this?

    (2) What's going to be different afterwards?

    (3) What are the benefits of doing this?

    (4) How will I measure success?

    (5) Who's it going to impact?

    (6) How can I keep them "on side"?

    (7) What issues and risk will I encounter?

    (8) What is the sequence of steps that I need to take to make it all work?

    Please read this carefully

    The purpose of the model that I am outlining here is to provide a working introduction to change management methodologies that can be applied by the non-expert director and that introduces key foundational concepts that make a very big difference.

    It is based around generic principles of change management methodologies and programme management [and additional processes of my own] - and is in no way connected or affiliated with the excellent M.S.P. [Managing Successful Programmes - which is widely regarded as the standard programme management tool], or any other product.

    MSP is sponsored by the Office of Govt and Commerce and the APMG. I thoroughly recommend MSP to you and suggest that you buy the publications and attend the courses. Full contact details are shown below.

    I have absolutely no commercial or any other relationship with these organisations and make this recommendation in good faith.

This simple model is not [and is not intended to be] exhaustive and the focus is very deliberately on:

(1) Pre-Programme Review and Planning - which is critical and if done properly will massively increase your chances of success.

change management methodologies,change management,change managers,change management training

(2) A basic simple Programme Structure

[There are other elements that I have deliberately omitted that are not critical at this stage, namely Finance, Quality, Configuration and Audit.]

change management methodologies,change management,change managers,change management training

The focus at this stage is on establishing simple workable basic principles of change management methodologies, and I am assuming that good leadership and management skills can manage and eventually close the programme. [At some future point I will be developing this simple model further, to encompass the full life cycle.]

    "A little knowledge... can be a very useful thing - but only if it proves the value of acquiring a deeper understanding."

I strongly believe and recommend that every organisation with 200+ staff should ensure that at least one senior member of the management team [with a focus on change management methodologies] is full trained in MSP [Managing Successful Programmes]. Full contact details and links are shown below.

Key Resources

Best Management Practice - MSP

Managing Successful Programmes.Com

Project Smart - Programme Management

Good change management models and effective change management methodologies need to take into account a wide range of complex factors.

Learn how to do this with 8 FREE Introductory Lessons - HERE

Key factors to address BEFORE embarking on a change intiative

Change Management Risk Assessment

Change Management Implementation

Change Equation - INPACT Assessment

Leadership Qualities - Creating a Change Culture

Programme Management Maturity Models

Programme Management Maturity Model - An Overview

Programme Management Maturity Model - Full Length Version

Maturity Model - Self Assessment

Gartner Program Portfolio Maturity Model

All of the key management process steps to creating your change programme

For full details of each stage of Pre Programme Review and Planning and setting up a simple Programme Structure please follow each of the following links sequentially.

Before we move into the Pre Programme Review and Planning phase I would like to draw your attention to - and ask you to read - the section on Organisations and Culture [shown on the links below] as this really is the key to understanding the Pre Programme Review and Planning Process and getting the best out of your change management methodologies.

Pre Programme Planning and Review

Create a Programme

Programme organisation structure


Benefit Profile and Management

Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

Communication Strategy

Programme Plan and Project Portfolio

Risk Management

Programme Implementation

How to APPLY this in 8 FREE Introductory Lessons - HERE

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management