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In this section we are considering change management implementation from the perspective of assessing change readiness.

For full information and extensive resources on change management models, methods and processes please check out the following links:

Change Models

Change Methods

Practitioners Masterclass

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Academic articles

A theory of organizational readiness for change

In Change Management Risk Assessment I have outlined my own perspectives on change readiness assessment as a necessary early step in change management implementation.

I am aware that some people reading this will be doing so from a more academic perspective and so here is a "A theory of organizational readiness for change" (with extensive references) by Bryan J Weiner of Department of Health Policy and Management, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA:

"A theory of organizational readiness for change"

Here is an extract from the abstract re the background:

"Change management experts have emphasized the importance of establishing organizational readiness for change and recommended various strategies for creating it. Although the advice seems reasonable, the scientific basis for it is limited. Unlike individual readiness for change, organizational readiness for change has not been subject to extensive theoretical development or empirical study... "

Further resources

Overcoming resistance to change by managing readiness for change

Achieving readiness for organisational change

Toward a Theory of Change Readiness

Ready or Not

Change readiness questionnaires

You can amend or use any combination of the following change readiness questionnaires as part of your pre change management implementaton readiness assessment:

Questionnaire 1

change management implementation, change management models,change management,change managers,change management training Questionnaire 2

Questionnaire 3

Questionnaire 4

Questionnaire 5

Questionnaire 6

Questionnaire 7

Change readiness assessment software


This paper describes the CALM methodology for robust organizational change management. CALM stands for Change Adaptation Learning Model, an advanced organizational change management methodology developed by Dr. David J. Koehn who is the Chief Learning Officer of CACI’s National Solution Group:

"We have implemented the CALM model as a decision support software application using DecisionPath’s ForeTell-DSS platform. ForeTell provides an innovative scenario-based “what-if” simulation capability. Consultants schooled in CALM use the software to project and analyze the likely consequences of candidate change strategies for client organizations within alternate scenarios of the future. In effect, they apply CALM to help clients conduct low-risk “test drives” of prospective or ongoing transformational strategies. Clients can thus practice how best to enable change, and apply the lessons learned from these low-cost “dry runs” to validate and refine plans."

Change Adaptation Learning Model

Stop Selling Change And Start Building Continuous Change Readiness

Putting all this into practise

8 FREE Introductory Lessons from Practitioners Masterclass - HERE

Change Management Risk Assessment

Change Equation - INPACT Assessment

Leadership Qualities - Creating a Change Readiness Culture

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management