Leadership Versus Management

Is Change Just About Management?

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Leadership versus management - to see whether you are a Leader or a Manager, answer True or False to the statements listed below the picture:

  • I think more about immediate results than I do about mentoring others

  • It’s nice to know about people’s long-term goals, but not necessary to do the job

  • The greatest pleasure in my job comes from making the work process more effective

  • I spend more of my time and attention on the weaker performers than I do on my top performers, who basically take care of themselves

  • It’s my job to know everything that goes on in my area

If you answered mainly "True" to the questions above, then you’ve given a Manager’s response. If you’ve answered mainly "False", then you’ve given a Leader’s response.

The difference between leadership and management really boils down to the influence a particular leader may have. Some just try to keep the boat afloat, and others strive for greatness.

Leadership versus management - someone whom others will follow

To be a leader is to be someone whom other people follow:

  • Leaders originate and catalyze change, managers execute change
  • Leaders create and change cultures whereas managers are the product of the cultures they operate within
  • In summary, leaders innovate and managers administrate

Leadership versus management - change needs to be seen to be led

Here is a comparison between the differing but complementary roles and skills of leaders and managers: characteristics of leadership and management

    "Leadership and Management are two distinct but complementary systems…

    While managers promote stability, leaders press for change. Only organisations that can embrace both sides of that contradiction can thrive in turbulent times.”


Other perspectives

A further perspective on leadership versus management from the excellent changingminds.org run by David Straker and probably "the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, feel and do."

My own personal view and experience of leadership is that:

  • Leaders are born not made
  • You know if you are a leader
  • Others know if you are a leader
And my own leadership credo is that "it is better to be decisively wrong that indecisively right"! What's your perspective on this?

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management