Change impact

by Pauline


Most interested in what you had to say about change management and the factors that contribute to its failure.

An interesting and direct way of engaging the learner. I tend to focus on the positive and what does it take to engage the people in the learning I suppose the key points of your talk can be turned around here.

I am interested to know what aspects do we need to factor to have greater empathy with our people to bring on board with the change and how they can see that there is benefit for them in coming on board?

I am sure you will cover this in your Master Class.

Thank you

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by: Stephen Warrilow

Thanks for your comments. Yes this is covered in the Practitioners Masterclass.

However, if I had to boil it all down to one most important thing it would be for organisational managers and leader to:

(1) Get involved with the "informal" organisation (i.e. the "troops" & non-management employees) and talk with them (and not AT them) and seek their input and listen; and

(2) To do this very early on in the change process i.e. at the "thinking about it stage" not as usually happens at or after implementation.

Take a look at the "Change Management Templates" and also at thes sections on "Readiness" & "Resistance" - all are main tabs on the navigation bar on the left.

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