ERP Implementation and Change Management

by Yashpal Soni
(Udaipur, India)

I am just sharing my views on the change management intitive for my organisation recently during our ERP Implementation

1. I was having the responsibility as a change manager for the organisation. We did lot of ground work on engaing people from CRP-1 stage of ERP implementation. I thought it worked, but when actually we went GO-LIVE, we were wrong.

Reason: When we engaged people we thought its plain sailing but actually people took it very lightly and today they are struggling in understanding the new processes

2. The BIGGER Picture: We tried to showcase the bigger picture "why change is required?" but it turned out to be a very expensive business

Reason: When you pick a "big elephant model" and you ask a person with blind fold on what it actually is, they say that the tail of the elephant looks like ROPE and the TRUNK looks like a big angle

3. We did start an ezine within the organisation. Probably every day a news letter was released but we failed to access the impact of this

Reason; What ever communication you do in a change initiative, its always LESS (i.e. it's never enough)

4. The leadership was engaged but we worked on the principle of FELT PERCEPTION which is wrong

Reason: A quantitative tool is required to clearly assess how well ypur people are in SYNC with the change initiative

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Good introspection
by: Anonymous

Yashpal - this is indeed a good introspection.

However, one would be interested to know what corrective measures one should take to avoid the situations you have explained.


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