Exposure to managing change and employing leadership

by Clyde
(Trinidad -west indies)

The information and body of knowledge in these 8 free lessons is wonderful,exciting and very helpful.

I began using the information on leadership from the next day and it's is doing wonders.

My company has had a very challenging time over the last three years and I am using this information on the shop floor to engage my direct reports-and the rewards are coming in at a fast pace.

My spirit has been lifted as I was slowly becoming frustrated.

Thanks once again
(Clyde Rambaran Manager of Operations Petrotrin Trinidad)

Comments for Exposure to managing change and employing leadership

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Thankyou for your comments
by: Stephen

Clyde I am encouraged to hear how you and your team have been benefiting from the 8 free lessons email series and in particular - the lesson on Leadership that you refer to.

The 2 big messages here are:

1] Recognising the difference between organisational change i.e. what happens to people externally, and the individual transition i.e. the internal adjustment process, that accompanies those changes.

2] Recognising the often neglected emotional dimension of change.

As a change leader: Your level of emotional awareness - and the extent to which you embrace and harness the emotional dimension of your organisation - is directly linked to change success and ongoing organisational performance.


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