How to use the Practitioners Masterclass Gold Package materials

by Stephen Warrilow

"I just purchased and downloaded the Practitioners' Masterclass Gold Package. Is there a recommended approach to learning the material as a small group?"

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This is my recommendation for using the materials in the Practitioners Masterclass Gold Package:

(1) Use the Lessons first ("Surviving Change" format) - work through lessons 1 -6. The structure of each lesson is that there is an executive summary of key points at the beginning, the main body of the material then resources for further study at the end.

(2) In Lesson 2 (Leadership) there are a number of comments and questions asked throughout the lesson - I recommend that you take time and consider and discuss these.

(3) There are a lot of links and cross-references to more material on the site which is well worth following up on.

(4) Lesson 7 is the summary notes for lessons 1 -6. So you could refer to that as you read and work through each of lessons 1- 6.

(5) Lesson 8 is a quick guide summary/checklist to the key points and themes that need to be addressed - or at least thought through - in any change initiative. Lesson's 7 and 8 can be used as working tools/checklists "in the field".

(6) Having completed Lessons 1- 8 there are 2 "Bonus Reports" that are essential to read as they cover 2 more critical dimensions - "Change Readiness Assessment" + "How To Deal With Resistance To Change". These reports contain a series of short articles which should be used as primers - I strongly recommend that you follow through on the links to the site as these themes are developed in detail and very thoroughly on the site and there are further supporting links and resources that again I strongly recommend you follow up.

(7) OK, having now got a good grasp of the key themes, you now need to move on to the Templates. I recommend that you pay very close attention to templates 1 - 5 (Introduction and the Power & Influence templates) - these templates apply the teaching and theory in real-life situations, are based on many real-life situations and are extremely practical. They are designed as practical guides and as checklists for subsequent use "in the field". These templates could also serve as useful discussion points in group work.

(8) Read through and familiarise yourself with the remaining templates so that you can reference them and apply them as and when needed "in the field".

(9) By this point you have covered all of the fundamentals of the materials, you have the complete E-book versions of the lessons (as "Practitioners Masterclass" and "Practitioners Quick Guide" ) for future reference - this is the same material in a different format - which some people prefer.

(10) The remaining Bonus reports and the Third Party reports are there to enhance your understanding of the basic materials and also to introduce some wider themes and perspectives. These reports can be read as and when you have the time. There is a lot of material here, so I would take your time with these!

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management