Human factor in Change Management

by Dr Thomas Jeyendran
(Writtle, Essex, England)

# How do you feel about the idea of accepting imposed change that we cannot DO anything about? What is your experience of this?

Accepting new ideas, regardless of their origin is not a problem. However, when the corporate / political agenda are enacted under the cloak of new ideas simply alienates the recipient group of the change itself

# Do you agree that it really does just boil down to how we think and how to not think?

Humans are capable of thinking (except those have health / learning difficulties). However, it is the powerlessness that function as a switch that turns off the thinking process

# Do you believe in the "law of attraction"?

Yes. Certain corporate cultures attract certain individuals as strategic / change managers reinforcing the status quo.

# What do you feel about the 4 big reasons why we get stuck?

Alienation, Boredom, lack of self worth and lack of purpose in life

# Do you have experience of the "knowing doing gap"? If so how did you cope with it?

It is difficult to answer this as I am always on a learning journey. For me, every day is a learning experience.

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