Imposed Change

by Denise

In my experience, imposed change in an organization is done without the why.

Obviously, at the top levels it is understood what objectives they want to achieve and why they feel it's necessary to make the change, but I find as it trickles down through the ranks, it gets diluted and weak.

Basically you either make the change or you will not have a job. That drives me nuts!

My personal style is oriented to doing things right the first time and my personal learning style is that I need to feel the information before it processes completely.

So combine not getting enough information as to why the change is important, what it will mean for the organization and how it impacts what I do, with wanting to do it right and I often feel frustrated at the diluted response I get.

Anytime I feel I'm told either through very little information or just not understanding it, I get very resistant. I don't like to be told I "must" change or you won't work here.

So in my past experiences, it's not so much that I don't want to change, it's that I'm resistant to it because I don't just blindly accept authority

I mean change is present in our lives all the time, most we have no control over. You do have to have some portion of going with the flow, but it's not wise to go unconsciously.

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management