Managing change through attitude building

by NKS Warrier
(Mumbai, India)

1 Change if imposed from above could be accepted provided the rationale and the need for the said change is explained. Change is imposed at times and both the change agent and the recipient has to come half way to make the process smooth.

2 How we accept change depends to a great deal on our mindset and the way we think. A positive attitude always helps us to see change from a broader perspective.

3 We are willing to change provided the reason for change is attractive enough and it benefits us in some way or the other.

4 Reasons why we get stuck are - ego, unwillingness to get out of our comfort zone, fear of the unknown and unwillingness to see change as a learning process.

5 I have always tried to close any gap in my personality through introspection, mutual consultation, keeping an open mind towards learning and attitude building.

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A balanced perspective
by: Stephen Warrilow

I agree with what you say on each of your points - to me what you are expressing represents a balanced perspective.

Imposed change can be accepted if the rationale is explained and understood. A good current example of that is here in the UK where our Government are having to impose large (20%+) cuts on public spending because of massive budget deficits. The various heads of public services and their staff may not like this but there is broad acceptance that this has to happen. Another factor is HOW the change is imposed - for example the degree of flexibility and consultation on implementation.

Our attitude to everything totally shapes our experience - and as the email series explains - we do have very powerful filtering mechanisms in our mind that generalise, delete and distort. So clearly the more open, positive and inclusive our outlook - the less resistance we experience. So yes I agree that acceptance and attitude are closely linked.

I partially agree that "we are willing to change provided the reason for change is attractive enough and it benefits us in some way or the other" - but that is only half of the story. Threats to our survival (emotional, psychological, ego etc and not just physical) are a major motivator to change.

Overall, our attitude does shape our experience of life - so yes openness, tempered by balance, is a very helpful perspective on life and especially during times of imposed change.

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