People and Culture are Common Points of Change Management Failure

by Juan Porter

"People and culture are most often the points of failure for any IT implementation. Involving stakeholders in every step of the process is the key to any successful technology implementation.

Effective change management is about giving people an inside view throughout the course of your project.

This may require you to move outside of your own technology comfort zone in the interest of managing change from the diverse perspectives of your users.

As difficult as it is at times to involve your users in the process, when you listen to and consider their concerns and solicit their feedback it will ultimately bring you the buy-in you need to make your project a success.

If what you are delivering does not resonate with your users, they will not adopt it, no matter how amazing the technology is.

If you understand the user's perspective on how any change is going to impact their jobs, remove the focus from technology, and be mindful of the corporate culture, you'll find that your technology changes will be seen as welcome improvements to the organization."

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People and Culture are Common Points of Change Management Failure

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