The Lessons Worth Learning

by Marty Burgess
(Wollongong, Australia)

Comments - Questions & Observations

# What's your view on the key steps outlined for translating vision and strategy into actionable steps?

The key steps were clearly laid out and easy to follow.

# In your experience, what are the key factors and most important aspects of Task Level Implementation?

The key factors are the rationale for change and the most important aspects are the right situational leadership style and communication

# What is the hardest part of implementing change down at the "coal face" - and why ?

The hardest part is to bring it home. The start is often good but sustaining the change through to confirmed behaviour change is tough and needs resilient leadership, as entrenched interests are good at stalling change in the hope that you give up.

# What are the biggest causes of success and failure at this level?

The biggest cause of success is the herd moving forward when they finally 'get it' and the biggest cause of failure is 'poor planning and communication'.

# What's your view on the "Quick Guide Summary Points"? Would you add any other points - if so what and why?

I would add the political environment.

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