Dear Steve

I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from your wealth of knowledge and experience in diverse fields.

Although our domain is managing-personal-change and this informs that the need to have to manage our personal change might have been occasioned by some change going on in the organization, environment and group to which we belong.

Sometimes also there is a great wisdom and benefit from an 'imposed change'. Some individuals visibly and urgently need to take courageous decisions about their lives and nosedive into changes in particular areas of their private lives but would naturally just choose to be so resilient and watch the world and events by them by. This group of individuals are jolted into the right actions/steps that would make a huge difference and move their lives/endeavours/families to a greater height.

The final analysis is that 'imposed changes' are very essential because it is the key to transformation for all that are associated with it.

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management