Business Process Maturity Model

A roadmap for continuous process improvement

The Business Process Maturity Model was created by Bill Curtiss, Chief Process Officer, McAfee; and John Alden, Managing Partner, Capability Measurement.

They say: "... we developed the model (BPMM) provide a needed standard for evaluating the capability and maturity of business processes,."

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"This model provides an open-standard roadmap for assessing process maturity and guiding business process improvement and is currently being promoted as an OMG standard by the Business Process Management Steering Committee within the Object Management Group (OMG)."

"The BPMM describes an evolutionary improvement path that guides organizations as they move from immature, inconsistent business activities to mature, disciplined processes."

"The BPMM orders these stages so that improvements at each stage provide a foundation on which to build improvements undertaken at the next stage."

"Thus, an improvement strategy drawn from the BPMM provides a roadmap for continuous process improvement. It helps identify process deficiencies in the organization and guides the improvements in logical, incremental steps."

The following presentations introduce the concept and discuss the major components of the BPMM.

The Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM): What, Why and How

An Overview of the BPMM

CMM-based Business Process Reengineering research

business process maturity model,change management,change managers,change management training

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