Change management in churches

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"I am the pastor of a Pentecostal Christian Universal Church with several hundred members. We are based in Kenya.

I feel you are the right person to advice me on how I should go about a drastic change that I need to take place in my church.

The church was found 20 years ago but is stagnant and I have been a pastor for one year and feel there must be drastic changes for any growth to happen.

What do I do and not do?"
Pastor E.

In answer to your question, there is no simple answer that applies to every church in every situation involving change.

All of the basic principles of leading people through change are covered in this site, and in the free emails via the 8 Free Lessons and the Ezine and Articles.

I do not yet have a section on the site specifically on change in churches - although I am planning doing this at some point - but I have got a number of links to a range of excellent Christian material on change management in churches.

I have been looking out for and reviewing articles and useful resources on change leadership and change management in churches for about 12 months and the links listed below are about the best of the material I have seen so far.

There are a lot of extremely useful resources in these links and I do hope that you will find this helpful:

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management