Strategic thinking and leadership resources

Perspectives on change management in the current climate

Strategic thinking and leadership resources listed on this page are a cross section of material that I have found to be stimulating and helpful on questions relating to strategy, strategic thinking, and the wider issues surrounding change management.

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Each of the sources outlined below are in their own way a gateway to a wider range of resources.

I have absolutely no commercial relationship whatsoever with any of these people or organisations. I am recommending these strategic thinking and leadership resources to you in good faith as potential sources of relevant and potentially useful information.

“Problems that are created by our current level of thinking can't be solved by that same level of thinking.”
[Albert Einstein]

  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [CIPD]
  • This is the professional body for those involved in HR, Personnel and the management and development of people.

    The CIPD Change Management - Guidance Paper is a factsheet that the CIPD [originally issued in December 2004 and revised in November 2007] giving introductory guidance and their perspective on:

    • Why organisations change
    • The different models for change
    • Change strategies
    • Organisational and individual issues
    • HR's role and how change can be managed more effectively
    • The CIPD viewpoint

    I found their information on change strategies, change models and strategic thinking and leadership particularly interesting and informative.

    Also, based on their own experience and research, the issues they highlight are very similar to the ones that I have identified in this site, namely: lack of "joined up" thinking, absence of programme and project managment skills, poor leadership and poor communication leading to resistance to the content and process of change.

  • The Free Management Library is an excellent site that provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resources regarding strategic thinking and leadership and management.
  • Free Management Library - Strategic Planning is hosted by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD Authenticity Consulting, LLC, co-founder, who is an internationally recognized expert in using peer coaching groups (Action Learning) methods to facilitate learning and organizational change.

  • Resilience Reports

    Here are 3 excellent reports, the first outlines good principles for change management and the second and third reports offer current strategic thinking and leadership ideas re the current economic climate.

    Booz & Company - 10 Principles of Change Management

    Booz & Company - Rethink Your Strategy

    Booz & Company - 7 Ways Forward

  • Thinking Managers - The two contributing editors are Robert Heller and Edward de Bono, two of the leading creative thinkers in management today, and they are building a free business and management library for all thinking managers... Thinking Managers - Strategic Management

    Highly recommended!

  • The Strategic Planning Society [SPS] fosters and promotes research and best practice in strategic thought and action. The Strategic Planning Society undertake to create a link between the academic and practitioner worlds of strategy by keeping strategists up-to-date with developments in strategy-related research and practice.

  • Skullworks is the brainchild of Fred Nickols, Managing Partner of Distance Consulting.

    Skullworks contains many informative and indepth articles and studies on Strategy and Organization Development and a range of other management subjects.

    To navigate I suggest you take a look at the featured article Change Management in Hard Times on the Home Page, then click on Articles on the tool bar to access the main resources.

    Fred is an interesting man with a refreshing perspective that is well expressed.

strategic thinking and leadership, strategy, strategic,change management,change managers,change management training

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management