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Change management articles and all key resources used and referred to throughout the site are detailed below.

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Change management articles for successful implementation

Change Management Templates For CEOs

Change Management Templates For Middle Managers

Change Management Templates For Junior Managers

Change Management Templates For Non Management Employees

Selected change management articles from this site

Leading change - The 4 key initial success factors

Creating and leading a culture of "readiness for change"

The abuse of power and it destructiveness

Perspectives on change management in the current climate

How to give negative feedback constructively

Why use a change management consultant?

How to reduce recession risks with a programme based approach

Merger failures, value destruction and cultural conflicts

What is noetic science and why is it important?

Theory U - Leading from the future as it emerges

How to create inspired meetings

Comments and articles from site visitors and list subscribers

8 Lessons - comments

Ezine & articles - comments

Managing personal change - comments

How to manage change in practise - comments

110 published change management articles hosted on my blog

I have currently published over 110 articles on-line on a range of change management related subjects - all referenced and linked to material on this site. These are now hosted at:

Strategies For Managing Change - Articles

You can see a sample of some of the articles below.

Guest Articles

How To Win Without Succeeding - Tennis Lessons For Ordinary People

How To Create A Thinking Corporation

Identify Your Organizations Ability to Think

Change Capacity - What Makes Change Easy or Difficult to Implement?

Recommended Free Third Party Resources

  • is the world's largest free, full-content site on all aspects on how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. Highly recommended.

    Also the sister site CreatingMinds.Org providing you with real and useful principles, tools, articles and quotes about all matters around being creative and using creativity.

    I highly recommend you check out "The Creative Toolbox" on the Home Page as an excellent resource for creating ideas, defining and solving problems and much more!

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