How To Manage Change In Practise?

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Where Kotter's 8 Steps Gets it Wrong 
In a thought provoking article published in 2011 Kayleigh O'Keefe a former research analyst of CEC Insider - now part of Gartner - suggested that there …

The First 100 Days of Sustainable Change 
The term "sustainable change" is defined as "the permanence of goals, behaviours, relationships, processes and systems for business advantage following …

Now is the Right Time for Corporations to Change 
There comes a time when all things must change. We see this all around us in nature. A caterpillar changes into a butterfly, the egg hatches and a child …

How do the “soft” elements (people, culture, innovation, etc.) impact the success of M&As? 
I recently came across this question in a LinkedIn discussion and thought it worthy of a blog. Because we all agree that the ‘soft’ elements (people, culture, …

What does energy have to do with your life and your business?  
".... let me tell you - EVERYTHING. And you know more about it than you think. We automatically read the energy of everyone we meet whether we realize …

Forget Change Management 
Recently I have read 2 blogs by highly respected change practitioners both contemplating why, despite the abundance of knowledge about how to lead and …

How to Achieve Corporate Responsibility 
Corporate responsibility is a term that is being used a lot right now. It seems as though the general population has reached the point where they just …

Putting People First 
"You can manage change only if you have the right people in place" Neil Farmer, co-founder of Informal Networks Limited The reshaping of financial …

ERP Implementation and Change Management 
I am just sharing my views on the change management intitive for my organisation recently during our ERP Implementation 1. I was having the responsibility …

What is Your Most Burning Question? 
What is your most burning question about the whole business of leading and managing change...? Or, what is your most burning question about being on …

Change Management - Facing Up To The Horror Of It All 
A recent visitor to my website questioned me about the source of the frequently quoted statistic that approximately 70% of all step change (i.e. more than …

What Actually is the Point of All This Change? Why Are You Doing It? - The Blueprint  
So let's be absolutely clear about this - precisely why are you embarking on all this change? What actually is the point? How's it all going to be different …

Iraq Inquiry - Seen From a Change Management Perspective 
The latest Iraq Inquiry was instigated by the UK Government under the chairmanship of Sir John Chilcot and comprised committee members with long and distinguished …

Kraft Cadbury - Change Management Implications 
16.12.17 It is nearly 8 years since the hostile takeover of Cadbury by Kraft - see previous post below. It is interesting to see how it all played …

Merger mania - merger failures? 
Given that 70% of mergers fail to add shareholder value and 40% actually reduce it, one wonders whether the leadership in the Kraft Foods' bid for Cadbury …

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change management,change managers,change management training

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management