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Change management articles and all key resources used and referred to throughout the site are detailed below.

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Change management articles for successful implementation

Change Management Templates For CEOs

Change Management Templates For Middle Managers

Change Management Templates For Junior Managers

Change Management Templates For Non Management Employees

Selected change management articles from this site

Leading change - The 4 key initial success factors

Creating and leading a culture of "readiness for change"

The abuse of power and it destructiveness

Perspectives on change management in the current climate

How to give negative feedback constructively

Why use a change management consultant?

How to reduce recession risks with a programme based approach

Merger failures, value destruction and cultural conflicts

What is noetic science and why is it important?

Theory U - Leading from the future as it emerges

How to create inspired meetings

Comments and articles from site visitors and list subscribers

8 Lessons - comments

Ezine & articles - comments

Managing personal change - comments

How to manage change in practise - comments

110 published change management articles hosted on my blog

I have currently published over 110 articles on-line on a range of change management related subjects - all referenced and linked to material on this site. These are now hosted at

You will also find a number of articles on this site, together with vistors' articles and commments at How to Manage Change in Practise

Guest Articles

How To Create A Thinking Corporation

Identify Your Organizations Ability to Think

Change Capacity - What Makes Change Easy or Difficult to Implement?

You can also find selected change management articles at Evan Carmichael the site which specialises in providing support for small businesses and is the number one site for small business motivations and strategies.

Recommended Free Third Party Resources

  • is the world's largest free, full-content site on all aspects on how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. Highly recommended.

    Also the sister site CreatingMinds.Org providing you with real and useful principles, tools, articles and quotes about all matters around being creative and using creativity.

    I highly recommend you check out "The Creative Toolbox" on the Home Page as an excellent resource for creating ideas, defining and solving problems and much more!

  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [CIPD]
  • This is the professional body for those involved in HR, Personnel and the management and development of people. The CIPD Change Management - Guidance Paper is a factsheet that the CIPD [originally issued in December 2004 and revised in November 2007] giving introductory guidance and their perspective on change management.

  • The Free Management Library is an excellent site that provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resource of change management articles and also much material regarding leadership and management.
  • Free Management Library - Strategic Planning is hosted by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD Authenticity Consulting, LLC, co-founder, who is an internationally recognized expert in using peer coaching groups (Action Learning) methods to facilitate learning and organizational change.

  • Resilience Reports

    Here are 3 excellent change management articles and reports, the first outlines good principles for change management and the second and third reports offer current strategic thinking re the current economic climate.

    Booz & Company - 10 Principles of Change Management

    Booz & Company - Rethink Your Stratgey

    Booz & Company - 7 Ways Forward

  • Thinking Managers - The two contributing editors are Robert Heller and Edward de Bono, two of the leading creative thinkers in management today, and they are building a free business and management library with a wealth of change management articles and related material for all thinking managers... Thinking Managers - Strategic Management Highly recommended!

  • The Strategic Planning Society [SPS] fosters and promotes research and best practice in strategic thought and action. The Strategic Planning Society undertake to create a link between the academic and practitioner worlds of strategy by keeping strategists up-to-date with developments in strategy-related research and practice.

  • Skullworks is the brainchild of Fred Nickols, Managing Partner of Distance Consulting. Skullworks contains many informative and indepth articles and studies on strategy and organization development plus change management articles and a range of other management subjects. Fred is an interesting man with a refreshing perspective that is well expressed.

  • Daniel Lock is the CEO of Daniel Lock Consulting. Daniel has an interesting blog with some useful resources. As a practitioner Daniel is results driven via a balanced combination of focused collaboration and a strong delivery mentality. His approach resonates with me as it based on what I call the "3 D's":

    - Diagnosis - of root cause issues
    - Development - via executive support, mentoring or training
    - Delivery - to ensure realization of the anticipated benefits

    Daniel is featured here because as a practitioner he illustrates the core principles and practises on which this site and the Practitioners Masterclass materials are based on, namely a holistic approach that pays equal attention to people and process [i.e. processes that work for people] to fulfil a vision and implement a strategy.

  • Thought leadership John Baldoni is a recognized thought leader in leadership and communications as well as a popular motivational speaker, executive coach, and communications consultant. In 2007 John was named one of the world’s top 30 leadership gurus by Leadership Gurus International.

    In my view, he talks a lot of sense and is very practical. If you check out all of the tabs and links on his website you will find many free articles and videos.

  • Harvard Business Publishing - The publishers of The Harvard Business Review - offer a series of free articles by several thought leaders [courtesy of sponsorship by Microsoft] on key aspects of leadership versus management. The keynote article is

    Recession survival guide

  • Business balls - Alan Chapman from Business balls has an excellent site with quality indepth articles on change management.

  • MSP [Managing Successful Programmes]

    Best Management Practice - MSP

    Managing Successful Programmes.Com

    E-Programme - The Programme Management Website

    Project Smart - Programme Management

    JISC Infonet - Programme Management

  • Additional Resources - recently updated

    Training Zone

    Change Management Toolbook



    Ken Blanchard's Leaders' Chat

    Center For Leadership

    Center For Leadership - Change Management

    Change Management Newsletter

    Journal of Change Management N.B. This is NOT free.

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practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

practitioners masterclass,change management training,change managers,change management

change management,change managers,change management training