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"This is an excellent reference for anyone involved in change management"
- Mike Pollard, Business Analyst, Business Improvement Unit, Information & Communication Services, University of Dundee, UK

    "How will this help me - NOW?"

    The current economic climate is a mess. Sovereign debt is a major threat to economic growth. It's likely to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

    The rate of change is accelerating. Kotter has said that the scale and pace of change that is impacting organisations now is such that it cannot often be planned for and it increasingly pushes leaders beyond their own capacity to handle it.

    In the present climate, change management is a very necessary survival skill.

    Change management is no longer a niche specialism for the few or just another module on a business course.

    The business advantage now rests with those of us who are prepared, and who have truly grasped and have mastered these skills and thought processes.

    As an intelligent person, I am sure that you appreciate the serious limitations of any free public domain data such as this informational site and the various free email series that I provide - which is why I commend these e-books to you.

    You will learn how to:

    • Sustain the change and maintain momentum

    • Deal with senior management's reluctance to engage

    • Prove that change management is not "fuzzy" and "huggy"

    • Demonstrate how change management delivers ROI

    • Identify and deal with the cultural issues

    • Anticipate and avoid resistance

    • Handle the "laggards" and those who are "stuck"

    • Address "change fatigue" and staff who are "running on empty"

    • Apply templates based on "real life" scenarios

    Before you read on - or leave this page - please consider this very carefully:

    Are you reading this because you want to be entertained and informed or because you want to be educated and learn?

    Ignorance is no defence in a court of law - and life in a global recession is even less forgiving...

    If you don't know how to survive imposed change and how to lead and manage people through change - whatever your position - your family, your colleagues and employees could pay the price for your ignorance...

    These e-books will educate you, will prepare you and will empower you to survive imposed change and to lead and manage yourself, family, employees and colleagues successfully through change.

    They show you specifically and in detail WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHEN to do it.

    In the current economic climate, as we face the darkening days of recession and hard times, I ask you this one simple question...

"What is the most that you could gain?"

...because you do have the tools and
you do fully understand how to survive,
manage or lead yourself, your family, your staff and colleagues through imposed change...?

"I’ve purchased your materials and find your insights strong and your explanations clear and succinct. Cheers, and thanks again for your resources. They are clear, sensible and useful."
- Ian Smith, Manager – Administrative Change Program, La Trobe University, Australia

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"Practitioners' Masterclass provides an excellent roadmap for leaders who want to undertake change initiatives. It provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the many challenges and practical strategies to effectively implement a change initiative."
- Ellis Katsof, Executive Director, Niagara Child and Youth Services

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      Practitioners Masterclass - Global Change Management Training

"Good stuff!! I stayed up until 2 this morning after teaching last night, to read all of the materials. Good job!"
- Ken Hurdle, Hurdle Consulting, USA

    • Masterclass materials in the Ebook Format (as detailed above) comprising the complete Practitioners Masterclass & Quick Guide (this format is ideal for reference and a checklist)

    • Masterclass materials in 8 Individual Lessons Format - sold as the "Surviving Change" package (ideal for paced learning and sharing extracts with colleagues)

    • The full 20 "Change Management Templates" - applying Masterclass materials (the real-life practical details of "How" to survive, manage and lead change)

    • 7 Supplementary Bonus Reports are included
      - see below for further details

    • Includes follow-up support - you can ask me change-management-specific questions via my "Ask the Expert" service for a prompt email response

    • A total value package worth over $681

    • PLUS a further 5 High Quality Third Party Reports
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"… there is a richness of content that is seldom brought together in such an integrated way... illuminates why the majority of change initiates fail, providing a clear guide for improving the likelihood of success. "
- Alan Geraghty, Change Practice Manager, Starfish Consulting, New Zealand

    7 Powerful and Instructive Supplementary BONUS Reports

    [1] "Change Readiness Assessment" - a powerful and key supplementary report to the Practitioners Masterclass - an easy to read 34 page summary reprint of an extended series of articles based on materials from this site, includes: change management risk assessment - the context - risk vs. readiness; the 2 key parameters; key reference points and metrics; hard and soft tools; the "renewable leader"; leading a culture of "readiness for change"; change readiness questionnaires

    [2] "Dealing With Resistance to Change" - a second key supplementary report to the Practitioners Masterclass - an easy to read 45 page summary reprint of an extended series of articles based on material from this site, includes: best approaches + guiding principles; facilitative leadership; conflict resolution tips; dealing with politics and silos; working with subcultures and informal networks; exercising influence without authority; and much more

    [3] "De-risking Your Change Initiative" - a succinct 12 page report on how to select and use the most appropriate method of third party support

    [4] "Collected Articles" - a series of short articles addressing different aspects and perspectives on leading, managing and experiencing change - designed to stimulate thought and awareness and to provide background and context

    [5] "Strategies For Managing Change - Ezines" - a compilation of 11 of the best ezines published on this site. A compendium of thought provoking and instructional material

    [6] "Managing Personal Change" - a series of approximately 1200 word articles on key insights that underpin all personal change. All of the ideas and resources outlined in this series are directly based on my own personal experiences

    [7] "The Tao of Change" - 6 key mindfulness practices outlined by Eckhart Tolle in "The Power of Now" - an antidote to the insanity of a constantly changing world

    All documents are fully resourced with comprehensive links to further resources on this site and high quality third party resources.

"...used language and presented concepts in a manner that was simple to understand and apply... effectively brings together leading thinking on change, leadership and the important attributes to consider when undertaking organizational change..."
- Leila Greenfield, Partner, GreenBlox - Organisational Psychology

    5 FREE Third Party BONUS Reports

    (1) "Getting Them Through The Wilderness" - a Leader’s Guide to Transition" by William Bridges – an extremely popular 21 page article

    (2) "Change Without Migraines" by Rick Maurer – another popular and very easy to read 45 page ebook with an excellent section on dealing with resistance

    (3) "Strategic Insights for Leading in Tough Times" - a Lane4 Research Report based on recent global research

    (4) "Leading After Layoffs" - by Wendy Mack and Deanna Banks - a very insightful and practical perspective on "Best Practices for Re-Energizing Your Workforce"

    (5) "Maturity Models Self Assessment" from the UK Office Govt & Commerce - this self-assessment questionnaire is one of a number of alternative ways for an organisation to begin to explore programme, project and portfolo maturity models. It introduces some of the core concepts such as the five Maturity Levels and seven process perspectives that are the foundations of this approach

    Please note that these reports are not available for sale and the copyright of the authors is fully protected. These reports are freely available from the authors’ own websites. I am including these reports as I feel they will enhance your understanding and application of the Practitioners Masterclass materials. I strongly recommend that you check out the website and resources of each author.

"...many thanks for this latest version of the Practitioner's Masterclass. I have read the previous version and must say that I am enthusiastic. The alignment of MSP and ADKAR within a single model is something that has been of interest to me for some time... Your book has filled a void for me in the change management space..."
- David Williams , Strategic Change Advisor, Australia

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